We do not know if the title of this article someday will be certain or not, but what we know is that different software and automotive companies (TESLA, Apple, GOOGLE, GM, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Nissan, BMW and Renault) are investing in the development of an autonomous driving vehicle.

At the image, for some familiar, of an autonomous car (https://youtu.be/uCezICQNgJU) circulating in some of the major cities on the world, we should add different projects already started with tractors (http://wapo.st/1N0Jcj6), buses (http://noticias.coches.com/noticias-motor/siete-ciudades-que-apuestan-por-los-buses-autonomos/219498) and trucks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-xOEJb4LEU&feature=youtu.be).

Such type of initiatives will be supported by official organisms, as the technology companies are building a “robot” that will have better reflexes than a human, will not feel tired, will not compete with other drivers, will not drink, will communicate with traffic lights and will optimize transport in the cities. It seems that the fact that certain types of vehicles circulate without a driver will be possible in 5 years.

By the time the car is seen as a service (ask for a vehicle when needed and depending on the circumstances: to go to work, to go to an event, to go to a meeting or to make a move) and not a property, ambulances could become relevant and should adapt their security, integration and communication systems, to suit what the innovation will introduce in our lives.

Source : El Blog de Enrique Dans ( https://www.enriquedans.com)