Complete solution to manage a company of Patient Transportation. It covers any situation that might arise in this type of business.

This management software integrates several solutions that have been running for years in some different customers. The modules that are part of the ERP Gam are the following:

  • Services management: Control and management of the services of assistance from the management center.
  • Routes: Planning and generation of routes of the vehicles in order to reach patient assistance services.
  • Invoicing: Generating invoices to the Government Administration and private organisms.
  • Stock: Management of the Input and output operations of the materials.
  • Garage: Monitoring the interventions of vehicles, including materials used.
  • Fleet: Control of the dates when the vehicles should be inspected.
  • Communications: Sending and receiving data on-time of the vehicles
  • GPS: View the vehicles on a map
  • HHRR: Management of shifts and counting working hours. It is also possible to make pay sheets.

Optional modules available in case the customer needs them:

  • GamIntra: Worker Portal integrated into Gam. This portal is exclusive for each user/worker and allows publish exclusive information (see work schedule, see travel plans, printing payroll, statistics of services performed, payroll advance request, vacation days).
  • GamWeb: Request online services/assistance by internet. Through an exclusive web page, users can register services and programming them in Gam.
  • GamCía: private health companies can create services request automatically from the internet.
  • GamPac: web integrated into Gam for patient requests.
  • GamERP: Integration between GAM and another ERP application.
  • GamRuta: Module that serves for automatic generation of routes. These routes are assigned directly to vehicles and personnel available.
  • GamDroid: we have created a development that permits to have the Gam installed in “tablet” devices. It is also possible to incorporate a fingerprint reader to check the beginning and end of shift.
  • GamCentralita: Integration between GAM and the telephone switchboard of the company.
  • GamTallerMóvil: Application available directly in Tablet to act as garage to fix problems in the vehicle. The Tablet keep track afterwards of all the operations done on the repair operation.
  • GamCPR: Presence control.
  • Gam Administration: Communication between Gam and The Government Administration.
  • GamAutomático: our software Gam can work without human supervision, planning services and assistance at the same time that sends sms to drivers
  • GamSMS: integrated solution to send SMS to different recipients ( workers and patients)
  • GamStock: Management of stock using the Tablet and a bar code.
  • GamGrabaVoz: possibility of recording voice calls on the telephone switchboard.
  • GamSalaEspera: While patient is in the waiting room of the hospital, can see when ambulance will pick it up.
  • GamAdjudica: In the case of several patients waiting at the hospital to be picked them up, our application assigns patient by ambulance.

Link to Gam modules