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With over 15 years of experience in research and development of new technologies, Original Soft is the leader in the area of patient transportation. Original Soft has created the software and the integrated telecommunications system which allows manage all kinds of requirements emerging in this type of business.

Original Soft’s priority is to offer our customers the most innovative solution for their daily activities and business, this is the reason why we keep our laboratory of innovation as our best asset.

Our consulting service of software development, implementation and support, makes that more than 40 customers consider Original Soft, as the main partner for the growth of their company.


Ambulancias en África

Ambulancias en África

Este año, los empleados de Original Soft han cedido el valor de su "lote navideño" a la organización “Fundación Recover - Hospitales para África”. Este tipo de donaciones, ayudan a dotar a cualquier hospital, perteneciente a la organización, con los elementos necesarios que aseguran su...


Although it might seems strange, thousands of newborns are transported every year by ambulance. Currently this operation is carried out in incubators (very heavy equipment that need an auxiliary electrical supply continuously). Such a complex operation will be simplified with the Babypod 20. The...
Ambulance –drone

Ambulance –drone

Alec Momont, engineering student at Delft Technical University (The Netherlands), creates a drone prototype to help people in emergency situations: the ambulance drone. This drone has GPS to locate the mobile from which the emergency call is made, it can reach 100 km / h and can carry medicines...
Original Soft con nuestros héroes

Original Soft con nuestros héroes

Da gusto trabajar para un sector como el del Transporte Sanitario. Original Soft se siente orgulloso de haber conocido a algunos de los héroes que arriesgaron sus propias vidas, el 17 de Agosto, en Barcelona, para intentar salvar las de otros. Aquellas personas que, unos minutos después de...

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Original Soft, the leader in the area of Patient transportation, offers a wide range of solutions for the management of this type of business, covering all possible situations of the company.

In turn, Original Soft has developed several applications for the integrated administration and telecommunications to suit any type of industry in SMEs and freelancers.


Installations made

The customers who have trust in Original Soft as their partner are spread across Spain (see below the list), however we are in the process of reaching international geographies with our product eGam:

  • Ambulancias Baleares (Mallorca)
  • La Pau (Barcelona)
  • Ambulàncies del Vallès (Barcelona)
  • Ambulàncies M.A. (Barcelona)
  • Ambulàncies Tomás (Barcelona)
  • Grup V L (Barcelona)
  • Ambulancias Gonzalez (Madrid)
  • Lafuente (Barcelona)
  • Ambulàncies Egara (Barcelona)
  • Ambulàncies Egara (Galicia)
  • Ambulàncies Condal (Barcelona)
  • Ambulàncies Catalunya (Barcelona)
  • Ambulàncies Lázaro (Barcelona)
  • Tasisa (Canarias)
  • Aeromédica (Canarias)
  • Ambulancias La Cinta (Huelva)
  • Autoamtax (Huelva)
  • Ambulancias Pasquau (Jaén)
  • Ambulancias Amberne (Santander)
  • Vitalia Servicios (Madrid)
  • Ambulancias Málaga (Málaga)
  • Ambulancias SIL (Galicia)
  • Perpetuo Socorro (Murcia)
  • Ambulàncies Blanch (Girona)
  • Residencia Joviar (Lleida)
  • TPC Asistencia, S.L. (Málaga)
  • Ambulancias Tenorio (Sevilla)
  • EPES (Sevilla)
  • Nuevas Ambulancias Soria (Soria)
  • Transport de Vila-Seca (Tarragona)
  • TSC (Barcelona)
  • Ambulancias Martínez (Murcia)
  • Ambulancias Sánchez. (Valencia)
  • Ambulancias Sánchez (Murcia)
  • Sur de Córdoba (Córdoba)
  • Ambulancias Córdoba ( Córdoba )
  • AmbuNort ( Córdoba )
  • Ambulancias Paulino Gil ( Córdoba )
  • UTE Baixo Miño (Galicia)
  • Ambulancias Barbate (Cádiz)
  • Ambulàncies Sanjuan (Lleida)
  • TESVA (Vielha-Lleida)
  • Ambulancias SASU (Madrid)
  • Grupo Siren (Murcia)
  • Emersan Galicia, UTE (El Ferrol)
  • Ayuntamiento Alcobendas (Madrid)
  • Sanfiz (Madrid)
  • SSG (Sevilla)
  • Bufet Medic (Girona)
  • Ambunova (Pontevedra)
  • CTSCGirona (Girona)
  • Eulen (Madrid)


Integrated devices

During all life of Original Soft, we have found different devices suitable to be integrated with our software (Gam, eGam, eGamTiT) that could offer our customers the best solution for their needs.


Original Soft also works with different suppliers and partners that can provide some type of services to us.


Original Soft, SL
Itàlia, 1, 2-1
08320 El Masnou (BCN)

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