Ambulances and speed bumps.

In the last 15 years, the installation of speed bumps on the roads has increased significantly.

The citizens do not know the criteria followed to decide their placement. What seems obvious, is that they can damage our cars and contribute to increasing pollution in cities.

Original Soft is interested in the incidents that can occur when a patient is transported in an ambulance that jumps these speed bumps.

First of all, we all know that “a second can save a life” and the speed bumps slow down considerably the speed. In addition, these blows that occur, can disturb the stability of the patients transported in the ambulance (there have already been cases of bleeding or pain).

The truth is that there are alternatives to the use of speed bumps, which are already being used in other countries. For example, the smart speed bump that is activated only in case of need and is automatically deactivated when passing emergency vehicles (police, ambulances and firemen). Also, plastic pivots can be installed (narrow the road in dangerous areas) or even textured pavements.

Hopefully, from the relevant organizations, the debate will open on these “elements” that interfere in the daily patient transport.