Easier than ordering a pizza

Easier than ordering a pizza

“Easier than ordering fast food,” this is how a US software company aims to explain the goal of its software development, through which, requesting an ambulance should be much easier than it is now. They wonder “How can ordering a pizza be easier than ordering an ambulance?”

For this company, the goal is to transform communication in case of an emergency. For example: involve our mobile devices to send coordinates, urgently, at the time the call is being made. It is also questioned whether, at the time of data collection, gathering so many details are, really, needed.

In Spain, in certain geographical areas, a user application is already being used to make an emergency call, allowing all the coordinates, available at the mobile, to be used to locate where the user is. However, we should reflect some assumptions that could, perhaps, be improved:

  • All territorial areas in Spain, should use the same application for emergency calls. One person might be able to use the same application if outside of their geographical area.

Let’s remember that in a heart attack, for example, every “second” counts…