The GALILEO system and Original Soft

Satellite navigation is a technology that allows users to know their location worldwide, with great precision always. Original Soft incorporates, in the vehicles of its customers, Tablets that facilitate the daily operative of the ambulances and a better service to the patients, using this technology of geolocation, which stands with us commonly.

As we all know, currently, most active devices (mobile, Tablets, etc.) contain the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is military in nature, although free for civil users, but that can be manipulated in the event of an international armed conflict. The same happens with Russian GLONASS system, which was also, originally, created for military purposes.

In order not to depend on such systems, the European Union started the GALILEO project in 2003 (a geolocation system developed and managed entirely by European organizations, thus ensuring the region’s independence). Unlike GPS and GLONASS, it would be of civil use. It is expected that by 2020 could be implemented. The accuracy of position and availability seems to be superior to GPS and its future versions. The Galileo system will consist of a global constellation of 30 satellites, compared to the 24 of GPS. Galileo promises accurate location of one meter, instead of the ten meters that the current GPS offers.

The managing agencies estimate that most dispositive will use Galileo and GPS joint signals, which will offer, users a marked, improvement in the provision of services in urban areas.

Original Soft, aware of the changes that are taking place in the technological spectrum, foresees the integration of the new Galileo, in a natural way, into all of the Tablets belonging to the different ambulance companies with which it collaborates.

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