Ambulance –drone

Alec Momont, engineering student at Delft Technical University (The Netherlands), creates a drone prototype to help people in emergency situations: the ambulance drone.

This drone has GPS to locate the mobile from which the emergency call is made, it can reach 100 km / h and can carry medicines and a defibrillator (up to 4 kilos of weight might be possible). It also contains cameras, loudspeakers and microphones, so that the medical team can give instructions to people who are in the location with the injured person so that they can provide first aid to him or her.

The range of action of the device is 12 kilometers, fact that has promoted that some municipalities are already considering the acquisition of a group of drones that cover all of its territory, since there have been several tests that show that the number of people surviving a heart attack, treating them in less than 2 min, increases to 80%.

Although this prototype would see the light within 5 years, previously the transit of this type of drones in certain zones should be regulated, as well as the price should be suitable to health services.


Drone-Ambulance Video: