Although it might seems strange, thousands of newborns are transported every year by ambulance. Currently this operation is carried out in incubators (very heavy equipment that need an auxiliary electrical supply continuously). Such a complex operation will be simplified with the Babypod 20.

The Babypod 20 has been invented and developed by the Williams Advanced Ennginnering team (subsidiary of the British team Williams F1). It is a transporter for babies in emergency situations. It is made from carbon fiber, material used by the Formula 1, weighs 9Kg and can withstand an impact of 20 grams of force. The interior is completely padded with internal temperature regulation and a transparent dome.

The company expects to produce about 500 devices this first year. The cost of each Babypod 20 is estimated at around 5000 euros and a first contract with the Great Ormond Street Hospital (UK) has already been announced, for use in the intensive care unit.