Cyber attacks in Ambulance companies.

From the end of 2018 to the present, cyberattacks have been taking place in different ambulance companies, in Spain.

These attacks try to infect the network of a specific company or a single server of the network infrastructure of the company.

If the company’s server has been attacked by one of these computer viruses, the first thing that is displayed is a screen where “the hackers” indicate that the data has been encrypted and that in order to recover it, a monetary transfer has to be made in form of rescue.

The problem, which has been discussed at the last summit of top international leaders in Davos, has been placed on the scale of climate change or “natural disasters”.

At the patient transport companies “attacked”, the patient has been affected by the loss of productivity and the scheduled Service.

From Original Soft, because the repercussion is the smallest possible, it is recommended to have a solid procedure of making safety copies, periodic and safe.

Currently, an inexcusable priority of any company is to maintain a solid security policy that clearly establishes the procedure for responding to this type of cyberattack.


Easier than ordering a pizza

Easier than ordering a pizza

“Easier than ordering fast food,” this is how a US software company aims to explain the goal of its software development, through which, requesting an ambulance should be much easier than it is now. They wonder “How can ordering a pizza be easier than ordering an ambulance?”

For this company, the goal is to transform communication in case of an emergency. For example: involve our mobile devices to send coordinates, urgently, at the time the call is being made. It is also questioned whether, at the time of data collection, gathering so many details are, really, needed.

In Spain, in certain geographical areas, a user application is already being used to make an emergency call, allowing all the coordinates, available at the mobile, to be used to locate where the user is. However, we should reflect some assumptions that could, perhaps, be improved:

  • All territorial areas in Spain, should use the same application for emergency calls. One person might be able to use the same application if outside of their geographical area.

Let’s remember that in a heart attack, for example, every “second” counts…

Ambulances and speed bumps.

In the last 15 years, the installation of speed bumps on the roads has increased significantly.

The citizens do not know the criteria followed to decide their placement. What seems obvious, is that they can damage our cars and contribute to increasing pollution in cities.

Original Soft is interested in the incidents that can occur when a patient is transported in an ambulance that jumps these speed bumps.

First of all, we all know that “a second can save a life” and the speed bumps slow down considerably the speed. In addition, these blows that occur, can disturb the stability of the patients transported in the ambulance (there have already been cases of bleeding or pain).

The truth is that there are alternatives to the use of speed bumps, which are already being used in other countries. For example, the smart speed bump that is activated only in case of need and is automatically deactivated when passing emergency vehicles (police, ambulances and firemen). Also, plastic pivots can be installed (narrow the road in dangerous areas) or even textured pavements.

Hopefully, from the relevant organizations, the debate will open on these “elements” that interfere in the daily patient transport.

Maximum performance DataCenter / Gam

The technological stage in which we are immersed is in constant evolution. We all interact with a “cloud” of data that we use, both in our social and business life. In our businesses, we are forced to exchange information faster and with more mobility.

Taking into account all the elements mentioned above, some of our clients (ambulance companies from Córdoba, Madrid, La Rioja and Murcia) have seen the need to “migrate” their servers to a new state and have chosen to transfer the management of them, the security of their data and its protocols, to a DataCenter monitored by Original Soft. This solution gives them a 99.9% reliability in the continuous work of their servers. In addition, it allows them access to the Gam program from any device with Internet connection (from home, from laptop, from the vehicle, etc.). To these benefits of human capital, some other operational advantages are obtained around the security that is needed at present:

  • Backup on the server, periodically, during the day.
  • Backup on an alternative server, outside the common environment.
  • Backup of all communication processes, programs and protocols in the alternative server chosen.

The fact of delegating the operation of the DataCenter to Original Soft has meant, for our clients, to redirect their resources and energy to tasks that bring more value to their patients, just as socially and business-like require.

For more information, contact: 935406748 o

GamFirma- Digital signature

Following our strategy of introducing innovative products for our customers, Original-Soft has created a new application in the Gam software, the “GamFirma”.

GamFirma is installed on a digitizing tablet and allows companies that manage the exchange of material within their employees (request for clothing, footwear, instruments, office material, etc.), to do it more effectively and safely. In addition those companies would join the global initiative;  Corporate Social Responsibility (paperless).

The implementation of this application, together with the appropriate device, concludes with the storage, in the Gam database, of the document signed by the employee, thus avoiding that it may be lost.

For more information, contact: +34935406748 or


Technology to alert that one ambulance is approaching.

The project that began in June 2017, which aims to implement a technology that warns drivers, of the proximity of an ambulance, keeps going on.

The UK Autodrive consortium, formed by 16 companies of the public administrative and automotive environment, including Ford, has focused on the creation of a technology that will send a signal from the ambulance to nearby drivers, so that they know about where the ambulance comes from and how far it is. Also these audio and visual alerts would appear in the control panel of the private vehicle.


Ambulancias en África

Este año, los empleados de Original Soft han cedido el valor de su “lote navideño” a la organización “Fundación Recover – Hospitales para África”. Este tipo de donaciones, ayudan a dotar a cualquier hospital, perteneciente a la organización, con los elementos necesarios que aseguran su actividad, incluyendo la adquisición de ambulancias.

Fundación Recover trabaja desde hace 10 años llevando sanidad de calidad a los residentes de los países de África en los que se encuentran presentes. Trabaja fortaleciendo hospitales y centros médicos, apoyando la rehabilitación de los mismos, dotándolos con equipamiento médico, formando a los profesionales que en ellos trabajan, luchando contra la corrupción y haciéndolos sostenibles.

Las ambulancias que se incluyen en el programa de Fundación Recover, se utilizan para trasladar enfermos a los centros hospitalarios, para desplazar al personal sanitario a lugares en los que visitan enfermos de cuidados paliativos y, también, para desplazarlos a zonas rurales alejadas, dónde, durante  uno o dos días, realizan las revisiones sanitarias pertinentes. Otro tipo de utilidad que se da a las ambulancias de Fundación Recover, es el servicio de transporte escolar para aquellos alumnos que viven alejados de la escuela, hasta aquellas escuelas que se encuentran cercanas a los hospitales en los que se está prestando servicio sanitario.

Original Soft, junto con las empresas adheridas al programa de Fundación Recover, celebra la profesionalidad del servicio prestado en el terreno y anima a seguir ampliando la labor del equipo, en África.

Contacto: Chus de la Fuente Guitart, Directora.

Fundación Recover – Hospitales para África.‎

(+34) 91 411 09 68 – (+34) 91 049 67 31


Although it might seems strange, thousands of newborns are transported every year by ambulance. Currently this operation is carried out in incubators (very heavy equipment that need an auxiliary electrical supply continuously). Such a complex operation will be simplified with the Babypod 20.

The Babypod 20 has been invented and developed by the Williams Advanced Ennginnering team (subsidiary of the British team Williams F1). It is a transporter for babies in emergency situations. It is made from carbon fiber, material used by the Formula 1, weighs 9Kg and can withstand an impact of 20 grams of force. The interior is completely padded with internal temperature regulation and a transparent dome.

The company expects to produce about 500 devices this first year. The cost of each Babypod 20 is estimated at around 5000 euros and a first contract with the Great Ormond Street Hospital (UK) has already been announced, for use in the intensive care unit.

Ambulance –drone

Alec Momont, engineering student at Delft Technical University (The Netherlands), creates a drone prototype to help people in emergency situations: the ambulance drone.

This drone has GPS to locate the mobile from which the emergency call is made, it can reach 100 km / h and can carry medicines and a defibrillator (up to 4 kilos of weight might be possible). It also contains cameras, loudspeakers and microphones, so that the medical team can give instructions to people who are in the location with the injured person so that they can provide first aid to him or her.

The range of action of the device is 12 kilometers, fact that has promoted that some municipalities are already considering the acquisition of a group of drones that cover all of its territory, since there have been several tests that show that the number of people surviving a heart attack, treating them in less than 2 min, increases to 80%.

Although this prototype would see the light within 5 years, previously the transit of this type of drones in certain zones should be regulated, as well as the price should be suitable to health services.


Drone-Ambulance Video:


Original Soft con nuestros héroes

Da gusto trabajar para un sector como el del Transporte Sanitario.

Original Soft se siente orgulloso de haber conocido a algunos de los héroes que arriesgaron sus propias vidas, el 17 de Agosto, en Barcelona, para intentar salvar las de otros. Aquellas personas que, unos minutos después de haberse perpetrado el atentado en La Rambla, andaban corriendo en medio de la multitud, algunos con armillas antibalas, otros sin ellas, para recoger heridos y trasladarlos a los hospitales más cercanos.

Este sentimiento de gratitud se traslada a todas las personas que trabajan en este sector, en diferentes provincias y pueblos de España, que se ocupan diariamente de trasladar y tratar a nuestros padres, abuelos e hijos. Aquellos profesionales de gran vocación que, en situaciones extremas de pánico, “No tienen miedo” …

The GALILEO system and Original Soft

Satellite navigation is a technology that allows users to know their location worldwide, with great precision always. Original Soft incorporates, in the vehicles of its customers, Tablets that facilitate the daily operative of the ambulances and a better service to the patients, using this technology of geolocation, which stands with us commonly.

As we all know, currently, most active devices (mobile, Tablets, etc.) contain the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is military in nature, although free for civil users, but that can be manipulated in the event of an international armed conflict. The same happens with Russian GLONASS system, which was also, originally, created for military purposes.

In order not to depend on such systems, the European Union started the GALILEO project in 2003 (a geolocation system developed and managed entirely by European organizations, thus ensuring the region’s independence). Unlike GPS and GLONASS, it would be of civil use. It is expected that by 2020 could be implemented. The accuracy of position and availability seems to be superior to GPS and its future versions. The Galileo system will consist of a global constellation of 30 satellites, compared to the 24 of GPS. Galileo promises accurate location of one meter, instead of the ten meters that the current GPS offers.

The managing agencies estimate that most dispositive will use Galileo and GPS joint signals, which will offer, users a marked, improvement in the provision of services in urban areas.

Original Soft, aware of the changes that are taking place in the technological spectrum, foresees the integration of the new Galileo, in a natural way, into all of the Tablets belonging to the different ambulance companies with which it collaborates.

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Original Soft is a collaborating partner of Fundación Recover (a Spanish NGO dedicated to the development of African non-profit hospitals).

Like the flu in Spain, malaria is a very common disease in countries where Foundación Recover works, where children do not go to the doctor due to lack of resources and do not receive adequate treatment on time. Every two minutes, a child under the age of five, dies due to the lack of prevention and treatment of malaria. Although in recent years, as a result of WHO policies, there has been a 47% reduction in the global mortality rate due to this disease, there is still too much to do. In 2015, the estimated number of new cases of malaria was 214 million, with 438,000 deaths, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

The “Schools Against Malaria” project, that runs Fundación Recover, aims to detect and treat the disease from the first symptom, in the schools themselves, so that children and teachers recover as soon as possible, reduce infant mortality and return to their classes. The project, which began in 2013, in the schools of Jesus Maria de Simbock and Mendong, two districts of Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, has enabled more than 1,000 children to be recovered and it is intended to be extended to other schools.

Through this article, Original-Soft, aims to support and make publics the health cooperation projects of the Recover Foundation and, specifically, the “Schools against Malaria” one.

Source: Fundación Recover


As technology advances by leaps and bounds, Original Soft customers demand innovation and security in their job management.

Ambulances Tenorio wanted to automate the shift registration (start and end) of their professional team in vehicles and to reach this purpose entrusts Original Soft for the implementation of the algorithm, developed by Microsoft, which will detect and recognize the identity of its employees, through an application of “facial recognition” installed in the Tablet: when entering the menu “start” and “end shift”, the Tablet takes a picture of the employee and the system compares the photo taken with the photo record of the worker, residing in the database, saves the operation and sends it to the coordination centre.

Ambulances Tenorio, then, gets that the shift management is executed with maximum precision, security and speed.

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