Cyber attacks in Ambulance companies.

From the end of 2018 to the present, cyberattacks have been taking place in different ambulance companies, in Spain.

These attacks try to infect the network of a specific company or a single server of the network infrastructure of the company.

If the company’s server has been attacked by one of these computer viruses, the first thing that is displayed is a screen where “the hackers” indicate that the data has been encrypted and that in order to recover it, a monetary transfer has to be made in form of rescue.

The problem, which has been discussed at the last summit of top international leaders in Davos, has been placed on the scale of climate change or “natural disasters”.

At the patient transport companies “attacked”, the patient has been affected by the loss of productivity and the scheduled Service.

From Original Soft, because the repercussion is the smallest possible, it is recommended to have a solid procedure of making safety copies, periodic and safe.

Currently, an inexcusable priority of any company is to maintain a solid security policy that clearly establishes the procedure for responding to this type of cyberattack.