Original Soft is a collaborating partner of Fundación Recover (a Spanish NGO dedicated to the development of African non-profit hospitals).

Like the flu in Spain, malaria is a very common disease in countries where Foundación Recover works, where children do not go to the doctor due to lack of resources and do not receive adequate treatment on time. Every two minutes, a child under the age of five, dies due to the lack of prevention and treatment of malaria. Although in recent years, as a result of WHO policies, there has been a 47% reduction in the global mortality rate due to this disease, there is still too much to do. In 2015, the estimated number of new cases of malaria was 214 million, with 438,000 deaths, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

The “Schools Against Malaria” project, that runs Fundación Recover, aims to detect and treat the disease from the first symptom, in the schools themselves, so that children and teachers recover as soon as possible, reduce infant mortality and return to their classes. The project, which began in 2013, in the schools of Jesus Maria de Simbock and Mendong, two districts of Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, has enabled more than 1,000 children to be recovered and it is intended to be extended to other schools.

Through this article, Original-Soft, aims to support and make publics the health cooperation projects of the Recover Foundation and, specifically, the “Schools against Malaria” one.

Source: Fundación Recover


We do not know if the title of this article someday will be certain or not, but what we know is that different software and automotive companies (TESLA, Apple, GOOGLE, GM, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Nissan, BMW and Renault) are investing in the development of an autonomous driving vehicle.

At the image, for some familiar, of an autonomous car ( circulating in some of the major cities on the world, we should add different projects already started with tractors (, buses ( and trucks (

Such type of initiatives will be supported by official organisms, as the technology companies are building a “robot” that will have better reflexes than a human, will not feel tired, will not compete with other drivers, will not drink, will communicate with traffic lights and will optimize transport in the cities. It seems that the fact that certain types of vehicles circulate without a driver will be possible in 5 years.

By the time the car is seen as a service (ask for a vehicle when needed and depending on the circumstances: to go to work, to go to an event, to go to a meeting or to make a move) and not a property, ambulances could become relevant and should adapt their security, integration and communication systems, to suit what the innovation will introduce in our lives.

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As technology advances by leaps and bounds, Original Soft customers demand innovation and security in their job management.

Ambulances Tenorio wanted to automate the shift registration (start and end) of their professional team in vehicles and to reach this purpose entrusts Original Soft for the implementation of the algorithm, developed by Microsoft, which will detect and recognize the identity of its employees, through an application of “facial recognition” installed in the Tablet: when entering the menu “start” and “end shift”, the Tablet takes a picture of the employee and the system compares the photo taken with the photo record of the worker, residing in the database, saves the operation and sends it to the coordination centre.

Ambulances Tenorio, then, gets that the shift management is executed with maximum precision, security and speed.

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